The Future Hunters

The Future Hunters ( )

One of the world’s leading futurist consulting firms. As futurists, The Future Hunters’ team identifies and analyzes long-term trends that impact business. They also offer a range of executive educational services.
They have worked with executives in the fields of marketing/branding, innovation, strategy & planning, design, product development, finance, advertising, communications, human resources and government relations.
Our job and expertise is to identity emerging trends that will be important to you before they become part of the cultural and business vernacular.

Strategy Factory

The Future Hunters’ Strategy Factory is an executive education session packed with processes that change thinking, spur new ideas, cultivate true thought leadership and encourage new approaches. This program even helps reveal opportunities that are no or low cost to initiate.
Executive Education is a critical tool for cultivating top leadership talent. In today’s complex business environment, leaders are looking for ways to forge their own future and stay ahead of the competition. Our Strategy Factory program does just that. These sessions combine presentations, workshops and interactive, educational discussions. Each program is tailored to an individual client’s specific needs. We work both independently, or within whatever existing Executive Education series you are providing. The Future Hunters’ Strategy Factory sessions are offered both as a one-off session, and as a part of The Future Hunters’ annual Whiteboard client program.
This program not only has a proven ROI, but it comes at a fraction of the cost when compared to other big-budget, large-house innovation and ideation programs.
The content of our Strategy Factory sessions are based on, but not limited to:
  • Thinking Technologies

    These are meant to help open up the thinking patterns that better prepare and educate executives for the future.
  • The Metaspace Economy

    This highlights the fundamental changes taking place that will reshape the world of leadership and management.