Benefits of Designation


Measuring Employment Sciences, Executive Coaching, Corporate Leadership and Organizational Culture in organizations



Why Apply for the MEECO Designation?

1. By participating in the application process it will provide an opportunity to measure:

        • Where you came from verses where you are now
        • Growth opportunities
        • Sustainability of the program/ investment
        • Receive feedback from SME’s and leaders in employment sciences, executive coaching, corporate leadership, organizational culture.

2. Automatically become a member of the “Stakeholders Circle” to share and bond with former designees.

3. Automatically receive an invitation the annual MEECO Leadership Conference at a discounted rate.

4. Attaining the MEECO Designation signifies to current employees, potential employees, shareholders/stakeholders, and the public that you know the critical importance of investing in developing your talent.

5. In the “war on talent” having an employee enhancement program in place provides critical equity against competitors.
The designation recognizes organizations that demonstrate their belief in the importance of achieving genuine employee engagement.
It shows both the internal and the external customers that you support the development and retention of talent.

6. A MEECO designation is a clear acknowledgement of excellence in the employment sciences, executive coaching, corporate leadership, and organizational culture who utilize these areas as a key part of employee retention and productivity to increase stockholder and share value.

7. An important benefit comes from completing the application process itself. Taking a disciplined look at how your programs plays a role in the success of your organization.

8. The Designation recognizes organizations that desire to examine their own practices around talent and it recognizes firms who are on a journey to continuously enhance their employee experience.

9. This is an opportunity to become part of the MEECO Leadership Institute™
and to participate in its research regarding the employee experience as it relates to the organization’s bottom line.

10. Being among the MEECO Designees allows you to be part of an elite community who share learning related to the employee experience as part of its core benefit, and who want to share best practices.

11. Ability to display the MEECO Designation logo as a symbol of an organization that cares about their employees learning and development. An asset in recruiting and retention.


What is the Difference Between the “MEECO Designation” and  Industry “Awards”

1.    It is NOT AN AWARD It is an earned DESIGNATION that must be renewed every two years.

 2.    Designation earners are audited each year for consistency in meeting the requirements and standards.

3.    The MEECO designation is a recognition system presented from the MEECO Leadership Institute™, a research and think tank institute focusing on “employment sciences”™. It is not an association of coaches consisting of professionals who do not work mainly at the top of organizations, as well as career and life coaches.

4.    MEECO has wider holistic views to evaluate success. MEECO stands for Measuring the Executive Coaching, Employment Sciences™, and/or the  Culture in Organizations as tied to the ROI/ROA and ROE.

5.    The MEECO designation is bestowed by a group of master level coaches and top business consultants—it is determined by a panel of independent judges.  These judges are selected based on decades of experience in their fields and embody a diverse skill set by representing such fields as: the Human Capital expertise from one of the Big 4 Management Consulting firms; the head of coaching from one of the most respected Executive Outplacement/Leadership Consulting firms; the founder of a large and highly successful coaching company and more.

6.    Receiving this designation does not require that a member of the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches or a member of the MEECO Institute be employed by the applicant.    

7.   The MEECO Designation is emulated as the trend setter. Prior to 2015, other programs recognized outstanding organizational coaching initiatives. 
In 2016 they have started to mimic the MEECO Designation as an award, in that they have added that they now:  honor businesses and organizations with coaching programs that fulfill rigorous professional standards, address key strategic goals, shape organizational culture, and yield discernible and measurable positive impacts.

In 2016 the Mayo Clinic and the Ford Motor Company earned their MEECO Designation!

In 2017 MD Anderson, Cancer Research/ University of Texas; L-3 Technologies and Rodhan+Fields earned their designation!

In 2018 Hermes Airports; UCLA Anderson School of Business, and the Doer School of Leadership at Rice University earned their designation!

In 2019 Fulton Financial Corporation; DTCC, and United Safety Corporation earned their designation!

This year it could be you!

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