Critical Deliverables


Gold 2018


Once you have been notified that you have been accepted as an applicant for the MEECO Leadership Designation, phase 2 of the application is required. It consists of (3) three critical deliverables:

1. Complete application Phase  Due Date: February 28, 2018

2. Video: Due Date : May 1, 2018

To help document their achievement, designees provide a 5 to 7 minute video that will be shown at the MEECO Leadership Conference & GALA May 21-23rd for 2018. The purpose of the video is to spotlight your achievement of coaching excellence, employee enhancement, or your unique successful culture…documenting it so that others can be inspired to follow in the same footsteps.

Details About the Video:

The firms that earn the designation will be required to submit the following by May 1 st 2018 to be used at the Gala and to be placed in the MEECO Leadership Institute for educational purposes for its members:

A 5 to 7-minute video clip/presentation containing the following information:

  • a) General information about your organization.

  • b) Why did your organization seek an environment supportive of employee enhancement, executive coaching or your unique successful culture?

  • c) How does your organization display that it has policies related to employee enhancement, coaching or your unique successful culture?

  • d) What organizational changes/benefits can be observed which stem from employee enhancement, coaching or your unique successful culture?

  • e) How do you measure value as related to employee enhancement, executive coaching or your unique successful culture?

We look forward to receiving a video of extraordinary quality that matches the high standards of the application that documented the organization’s eligibility for the MEECO Designation.

The video could start by reminding the viewer what their organization stands for, and why employee enhancement, coaching or your unique successful culture has lead to the organizations success and why it is an integral part of achieving their vision and mission. Additionally specifically answer the question: Why does your organization qualify to earn the MEECO Designation.

In addition, it might include…

(1) your CEO comment on the importance of employee enhancement, executive coaching or your unique successful culture with personal examples of how it has helped him or her or the organization. (2) showing a clip from those responsible for the program in the organization talking about why and it supports the organization’s leadership culture, and how it has impacted their shareholder and stakeholder value.

Due Date for the Video or PowerPoint Presentation:


How will the Video and Application Data be Utilized:

In addition, to the video’s viewing at the GALA, it will be uploaded and will become part of the permanent MEECO library and used for educational purposes.

The application data will be sanitized and used for research to increase the effectiveness of leadership development knowledge.

Accepted Video Formats:

PC AND MAC format

Where to Send the Video:

If your file is too large to send through your server:

Use your file transfer protocol/program, or consider using “We Transfer Plus”.
or similar service that will store the information for future use.

3. Attendance at the MEECO Leadership Conference and Gala: Dates: May 21th – 23th 2018

We ask that a senior level executive attend the MEECO Conference, Stakeholder Circle , and Gala in Estes Park, Colorado on May 21-23, 2018, to represent your organization, present the video with commentary, to accept the designation for the organization, and participat as part of the think tank. The presentation, including the 5-7 minute video, should be no longer that 10 minutes.