Is there a fee to submit a nomination?

What are the promotional benefits provided by MEECO Leadership Institute™?
• Mentioned in each monthly newsletter March through October 2019
• Promoted on website
• Promoted in conference brochure
• Promoted in all pre-conference and post-conference marketing
• Social media badge

May I nominate myself?
Yes, you can!

May I nominate more than one person for each category?
Yes. There is no maximum number of people you may nominate for any of the categories.

Are only ACEC members able to nominate someone?
No. Anyone can nominate someone for any of the awards.

Do nominees have to be ACEC members?
No. Nominees and successful awardees do not have to be ACEC members.

What if an awardee cannot attend the 2019 conference?
Under certain circumstances (health or other unforeseen events), awardees may send someone to accept their award.

May I nominate more than one person from the same company?
Yes, there is no limit to how many people you may nominate from any company.

May I nominate someone without them knowing?
No. Once you submit a complete award application, your nominee will receive an email announcing that you have nominated him or her for the award, a description of the award, and a copy of what you submitted for final review. In addition, nominees will have an opportunity to add information to the application. The email also notifies them that a member of the Thought Leader Awards committee may contact them for further information or discussion. You will be copied on that email.