MEECO Leadership Designation™

Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC) & the MEECO Leadership Institute created the  MEECO Designation in 2015

“We especially want to thank (our coach) for his initial recommendation for us to be included in this award designation, and his unwavering commitment to supporting our success.”
… 2018 applicant “The value of the designation is in the ability to use it for recruiting, retention, and marketing; it is also an attraction for our board of directors and funding campaigns” …2017 applicant

“A value of applying for the MEECO Designation can be seen in the application process. Completing the application served as an academic exercise to help us look at our leadership program in terms of where we have been, and where we are currently. It also provided a guide or view towards the sustainability of  our program” …2016 applicant

“The application process provides an evidence-based road map for use in measuring achieved success and future direction” ... CB Bowman, CEO

The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches© created the MEECO Designation, a prestigious designation for “Measuring Employment Sciences™, Executive Coaching and Culture in Organizations” (MEECO™). It recognizes organizations that represent best-in-class standards and execution in the use of executive coaching and/or have created an environment that promotes leadership and employee development as part of its culture.

MEECO is a designation of excellence and not an award. It symbolizes to the organization and its employees, the public, shareholders and stakeholders alike that the organization has achieved best in class levels.  The designation is good for 2 years; however, MEECO Leadership Institute is in contact with designees every 12 months to ensure continued success. After two years, the organization re-files for continued use of the designation.