I think my organization is too early in the journey to apply for a MEECO Award?FALSE: The MEECO Award is designed to support an organizations journey regardless of the stage they are currently in with their current program:1. We have heard from past awardees that the application helper them to explore where they came from, examine where they are now, and ensure sustainability for the future.
2. There are four different categories based on revenue and type so that the award is designed to be inclusive of all business sizes.
3. Within each category, there are three levels from the beginner to the advanced.
4. It is an opportunity to receive feedback from an illustrious panel of evaluators to help guide any organization to ongoing and future success.
Are there any annual fees we should be aware of as part of membership?

There are no annual fees for the award.
Our goal is to ensure that the awardees attend two workshops per year one is by Zoom and the other at the MEECO Institute’s annual Leadership Development Conference, our goal is to have 1 to 2 representatives attend live, and a maximum of two attend by video conferencing (Zoom).

The focus of the meetings is to discuss issues, and solutions designees are experiencing with Leadership Development. Our long-term plan is to be able to offer solutions, for example, coach training for thought leaders within the organization designed in conjunction with and led by your internal and external coaches, coaching community off-sites, etc.

For the first year, the application donation fee includes one ticket for the meeting, conference, and the acceptance black-tie gala. The ticket price for subsequent years will vary from year to year depending on the location of the event.

Is the renewal every two years simply paying the suggested donation?

The suggested donation is considered as a donation to a non-profit 501c3 and is due whenever an application, renewal application, or a request for an upgrade in your award level. 

Who are all of the current MEECO awards? Prior to this, I had not heard of this award.

Current awardees include the globally known Hermes Airports, UCLA Anderson School of Management, Rice University Doerr School of Management, Ford Motor Company, the acclaimed  Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson Cancer Research/the University of Texas, L-3 Technologies, Ford Motor Company, DTCC, and Rohdan+Fields, etc.

While the award was launched in 2016, word has spread fast due to the critical subject matter and the robust self-exploration required which allows for organizations to take a serious look at the success and sustainability of their program.

Value requires that labor arket applicants have some awareness of the designation.

Value can be measured in different ways the MEECO Designations value goes deeper than awareness of the designation. There are few people who are aware of ISO designation or MBNQA award yet both are high marks of success for what they represent.

Is there a website with some branding etc…  If not a more robust web page for now, then a document that would visually represent the award?

The credibility of the founders and evaluation members – with photos/brief bio/books/point of view statement etc

Differentiation of this award for corporate – What makes it different?

  • Benefits of receiving a designation:


Is recognition for coaching /development work among leaders in the same space – business

  • Categories:

Applications & Categories

Selection criteria

The criteria are based on the category here are the locations for each of the 4 categories:

Category I = $5 billion and up in revenue:   https://meeco-institute.org/criteria-category-1-5-billion-and-over-revenue/

Category II = $5 billion to $20 million in revenue:    http://meeco-institute.org/meeco-designation/criteria-category-ii-5-billion-to-20-million-revenue/

Category III = under $ 20 million in revenue:    https://meeco-institute.org/criteria-category-3-2-million-and-under-and-small-business/

Category IV = Academic Institutions & Government (all sizes):     http://meeco-institute.org/criteria-category-iv-academic-institutions-government/

We know we want to be known as a great place where people would like to work so we are working on our culture and recognition.

Application Fees:

Administrative Fees are based on your category and are posted on the application


A Video or PowerPoint is produced by the applicant to explain/showcase why they received the designation. The documents will join our research library of expert data for the Stakeholders Circle. We do not charge a fee

Stakeholders Circle:

As a Phase 2 applicant, you will automatically become a member of the Stakeholders Circle which meets twice a year; at the annual conference and via an online conference: https://meeco-institute.org/meeco-stakeholders-circle/ There is no fee for this exclusive membership

Acceptance Ceremony:

Your application fee covers the cost of one ticket to the ceremony

Biyearly Conference:

It is our hope that you will encourage your colleagues to support your important work and for ongoing learning and knowledge sharing in the field by accepting your invitation to attend the conference. We encourage your firm to purchase a company table.