Criteria: Category 4: Academic Institutions & Government

The application process for this category focuses on identifying those academic institutions and government agencies who represent best-in-class standards and execution in the use of Coaching, Leadership,  Culture and/or Employment Sciences to positively impact business results and/or enrollment and stakeholder value.

We are excited to extend the MEECO designation to academic institutions and government agencies which have a culture of integrating coaching, formal mentoring, and/or demonstrate leadership development into the variety of ways they develop their employees, faculty, students, and others; supports coaching excellence, employee engagement and a culture that positively influences and impacts society.

We understand there is a complexity in examining excellence in coaching, engagement and culture in academic institutions and government.. In organizations, generally speaking coaching positively impacts organizational and individual productivity, innovation and engagement  however, in academic institutions and government the areas influenced are far reaching. Here the influence goes to minds of the future and towards the laws of society.

Therefore, in searching for excellence the MEECO Institute wishes to examine various intercepting elements. When completing your application consider:

  • In academic institutions: the faculty/instructors, students, research centers, partnerships, teaching methods, cross-cultural competencies, and programs.
  • In government: public influence, international affairs, programs, charter, and staff.

The following are designation criteria for how academic institutions and government agencies will be evaluated.  In addition to responding to a two phase application that queries how you address these criteria, you will also produce a 15-minute video regarding your program, as well as send a senior level executive to the award ceremony and conference and are invited to be a part of a prestigious panel of Designees to present to attendees.

The suggested donation for application fee is paid upon your submission of your application.

Criteria: Weight


      – Give us an overview of how your organization changed as a result of this program

      1. PROGRAM DESIGN: 20%

      – Executive Coaching, – Employment Sciences, – Culture, and – How did you get where you are?


      – How do you track progress? – Evidence – based Approaches – How do you learn from past and present experience and disseminate findings

      1. SUSTAINABILITY: 20%

      – Sharing best practices with others – Maintaining and improving – How do you plan to continue and grow the program

      1. INCLUSION: 20%

      – Who is part of the program? – How do you ensure representation?

    • Judges of MEECO are Master Level coaches working at the top of house in government organizations, academic intuitions, and the private sector as well as other high level professionals such as management consultants.  All have been providing large scale coaching engagements, teaching coaching, and coaching with demonstrated standards of excellence for more than 10 years. None have any current working relationship for those whom they are judging.For each of the criteria, judges will give a numerical score up to, yet not exceeding, the weight of that criteria. For instance, if a criterion has a weight of 20% a judge can give a score up to 20.  The six criteria add up to a maximum of 100 points.

      Finally a judge will signify whether or not s/he feels the organization has done enough to achieve the designation with a “yes” or “no” vote.  Judges will provide a report to those who do not receive the designation to serve as a guide for how they can utilize coaching as a best in class value-add for their organization.

      Please visit us at to see if you are eligible for this important designation.

      We’re delighted about your interest in helping us advance coaching cultures across academic and government organizations. Together, we will forge the future of employee sustainability.