Stakeholders Circle Membership

Stakeholders Circle


TYPE ONE: Designees:

One of the many benefits of being a MEECO Designee is participating in the Stakeholders Circle a think tank for stakeholders. Here you’ll be able to instantly connect to other designation earners, regarding the topics that are most important to you.

TYPE TWO: Non-Designees:

Organizations wishing to design and or improved a leadership and/or coaching culture of excellence to increase their ROI.


Resource Center

Direct access to products and services for your leadership and executive coaching culture

SME Center

Direct access to subject matter experts who can support your development and sustainability of your programs

VUCA Learning Labs

Direct access to brainstorming solutions for opportunities and issues related to working and developing in a VUCA frame

Chat Room

Direct Access to a private on-line chat board with monthly topics related to your organizations leadership and coaching challenges.

  • Expand your perspective to elevated levels of conversation
  • Jump-start progress with ideas for practical solutions to business challenges
  • Forge lasting relationships with a community of peers to increase your professional brand
  • In the annual face-to-face and the semi-annual online meetings you will be able to:
    • Exchange ideas and discuss emerging trends:
      • Meet other organizations with identical energy to examine the present and explore the future.
      • Meet experts in the field of leadership development who are forging disruptive successes.
      • Collaborate with other professionals.
    • Make progress on specific challenges through crowd-sourcing collective brain power.
    • Enhance your ROI through participation in the think-tank and through upcoming research projects.
    • Interact with those setting best-in-class models from all industries
    • Join our LinkedIn group “Chief Transformation Officer” and the “MEECO Institute”; join us on Twitter and Facebook.
    •  Brainstorm research projects under consideration for the Stakeholder’s Circle™:
      • I) Disparate treatment of people in the workforce and success around disruptive behavior.
      • II) The difference between disruptive and transformation for a company?
      • III) Is big business to big to embrace disruptive behavior?
      • IV) Can big business benefit from disruptive behavior?



1a. Complete an application to receive a designation by visiting this link for details:

b.) Once receiving your designation complete an application to join the Stakeholders Circle:


2a) Non- Designees contact to join to arrange for an interview

b) Once receiving approval following your interview complete the following application: