Founder: CB Bowman, MBA, CMC, BCC, MCEC

CB Bowman

CEO & Founder

Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC):

MEECO Leadership Institute:

The MEECO Leadership Institute™ is a think tank/research group of international organizations focused on the future of employee sciences for organizations, institutions, and agencies. Each year MEECO identifies organizations who exemplify the use Executive Coaching, Employee Enhancement, and Corporate Culture as best-in-class (

ACEC is an exclusive association dedicated to mastery level coaches who are working with the top tier of organizations (

As an executive coach, CB Bowman specializes in working with “Executive Post Traumatic Stress Disorder©” (EPTSD) as a result of non-violent corporate harassment and discrimination. She works with leaders to reduce self-sabotage due to external factors (

Specialties Include:
— EPTSD© Resulting From Workforce Trauma
— Executive Coaching for Executive African Americans
— Behavior Modification for High Power/ Under Performing Teams
— Executive Coaching for those covered under Title IIV
— Consulting for Executive Coaches

CB is a Certified Master Coach from the Behavioral Coaching Institute and is also a certified Master Corporate Executive Coach through the MEECO Institute™. CB is a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing Education. She is a former assistant professor at various Universities and is a master trainer with experience in curriculum design and train-the-trainer programs.

CB is available for speaking, consulting, and on-line coaching engagements. Email: or contact her by telephone 908.256.9525 9am- 5 pm MT