Criteria: Category I = $5 billion and over (revenue)

The application process for this category focuses on identifying those organizations that represent best-in-class standards and execution in the use of coaching to positively impact business results and shareholder and stakeholder value and/or the best in class employee experience.

Entry Type I) Coaching

Coaching is defined here as a one-on-one contractual relationship between a specifically trained and experienced coach and an employee, which has as its objective the achievement of one or more development goals designed to help employees to expand their capability to perform the responsibilities of their current role and prepare them to be better able to handle the challenges of their next and subsequent assignments. It includes facilitating the performance, learning, and development of another. The coach may be internal or external to the organization.

In assessing how your organization uses coaching, the awarding of the MEECO Designation is based on providing compelling, evidence related to a set of six criteria:

1. Demonstrates An Existing Culture of Coaching
2. Has and adheres to Coaching Standards, Practices & Procedures
3. Demonstrates inclusion in who is Selected to Receive Coaching
4. Uses Benchmarks to Compare and Contrast effectiveness
5. Measures ROI using valid and reliable methods
6. Integrates processes and procedures for the sustainability of the coaching culture

Entry Type II (optional category)

Employee Experience, and Entry Type III Culture

Employee experience is defined as a set of benefits and/or treatment by which the employee feels valued and respected as a result of the leader(s) having creatively responded to employee needs.

In assessing how your organization has developed a culture rich in a positive employee experience, the awarding of the MEECO Designation is based on providing compelling, evidence related to a set of six criteria:

  •  The organization has a broad vision that enables HR to partner with other functional groups throughout the company to create a memorable workplace experience focused on the employee in the same way that it does for creating that experience for its customers
  • Ways the HR function taps into and provides support in all facets of how an employee is developed in the workplace – from an emotional, physical, intellectual, technological, and aspiration standpoint
  • Ways that your/the organization uses: a) ongoing research; b) design thinking; c) an innovative mindset; and/or d) technology to collaborate and share knowledge
  • Culture/Inclusion; how your program is distributed among your population; how is it incorporated into your organization; how is it perceived by the users and the administrators
  • Measurements; techniques you use to measure successfully reaching your goals; how often you measure to ensure continuing success; what is the reliability of your measurements
  • Sustainability; ways will your program ensures sustainability for the future of your organization

You will use these criteria as a guide to tell your persuasive story on the use of coaching by completing the online applications )for in your organization.  Please provide as much information as you think is necessary to substantiate the coaching excellence that can be found throughout your organization.


In assessing how your organization uses these areas effectively, the assigning of the MEECO Designation is based on providing compelling, evidence related to a set of five criteria:


– Give us an overview of how your organization changed as a result of this program


– Executive Coaching, – Employment Sciences, – Culture, and – How did you get where you are?


– How do you track progress? – Evidence-based Approaches – How do you learn from past and present experience and disseminate findings


– Sharing best practices with others – Maintaining and improving – How do you plan to continue and grow the program

  1. INCLUSION: 20%

– Who is part of the program? – How do you ensure representation?

Use these criteria as a guide to tell your compelling story on for your organization. . Please provide as much information as you feel is necessary to substantiate excellence that can is found throughout your organization.

Evaluation Committee

A panel of independent experts will review the applications and determine those that will receive the designation.

The evaluators work in senior-level positions in government organizations, academic intuitions, and the private sector. None will have any current working relationship with those whom they are judging.

For each of the criteria,  the evaluator will give a numerical score up to, yet not exceeding, the weight of each criterion. For instance, if a criterion has a weight of 20% an evaluator can give a score up to 20.  The six criteria add up to a maximum of 100 points.

Finally, the evaluator will signify whether or not s/he feels the organization has done enough to achieve the designation with a “yes” or “no” vote.  Evaluators will provide a report to those who do not receive the designation to serve as a guide for how they can utilize coaching as a best-in-class value-add for their organization.

Time Period of Designation

a. The Designation will be bestowed for a two-year period. During the period of the two-year designation, ACEC will continue to work with organizations that have received the designation to ensure coaching is being strengthened and that the designation will be reappointed for the following two years.

b. It is intended that the process of applying, and reapplying, will be a learning experience that helps uncover and make more evident the role coaching plays in achieving meaningful results that benefit the organization and may benefit the discipline of coaching at large.


Each applying organization is assigned a Liaison to coordinate their submission and assist in completing the application.


The suggested application fee is paid upon your submission of your application.

In addition to responding to the application that queries how you address these criteria, you will also produce a 15-minute video or PowerPoint presentation regarding your program, as well as send a senior

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