In assessing how your organization uses coaching, the awarding of the MEECO Designation is based on providing compelling, evidence related to a set of six criteria:
1.Demonstrates An Existing Culture of Coaching
2. Has and adheres to Coaching Standards, Practices & Procedures
3. Demonstrates inclusion in who is Selected to Receive Coaching
4. Uses Benchmarks to Compare and Contrast effectiveness
5. Measures ROI using valid and reliable methods
6. Integrates processes and procedures for sustainability of the coaching culture

Use these criteria as a guide to tell your persuasive story on the use of coaching in your organization. The italicized questions and statements under each of the criteria are there to be thought starters. Please provide as much information as you think is necessary to substantiate the coaching excellence that can be found throughout your organization.

Evaluation Committee

A panel of five independent evaluators will review the applications and determine those that will receive the designation. Each evaluator has extensive experience in the fields of talent, human capital, coaching and/or consulting, and has worked in, or currently works in, one or more prestigious institutions.

Time Period of Designation

a. The Designation will be awarded for a two-year period. During the period of the two-year designation, ACEC will continue to work with organizations who have received the designation to ensure coaching is being strengthened and that the designation will be re-awarded for the following 2 years.

b. It is intended that the process of applying, and reapplying, will be a learning experience that helps uncover and make more evident the role coaching plays in achieving meaningful results that benefit your organization and may benefit the discipline of coaching at large.