MCEC Re-certification

(Effective Oct 1, 2017)

MCEC maintains high standards for professional master level corporate executive coaches and requires holders to be re-certified every three years. Annual tracking is no longer required. However, at the time of re-certification the requirements require that the holder demonstrate commitment and achievement in the following areas for the immediate previous 3-year term of certification:

  1. Clients’ ROI
  2. Your businesses ROI through growth and or sustainability through additional programs, services and or accomplishments i.e. digital marketing,
  3. Volunteerism
  4. Course work
  5. Assessment Certifications
  6. Publication by blogging, articles, original research, book and or speaking engagement; design and delivery of training programs

Renewal Requirements

  • You are responsible for tracking and maintaining your records.
  • Submission of the online credential renewal application with appropriate 3-year documentation indicating the details of having met the necessary requirements.
  • Participation in at least 75 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU) completed in the three years since the initial award of your credential or since your last credential renewal
  • Documentation of your having met your CEU requirements must be submitted to the current chairperson of the certification committee for evaluation, we suggest submitting tis documentation at leade two months prior to te due date.

CEU Categories (75 hours per 3-year)

In order to prevent a lapse in credentials, we recommend that you apply for your re-credential 6 weeks before your current credential is due for renewal. CEU ‘s are divided into several categories:

Advanced Coaching Competencies (3-yr. requirement = 15 CEU hours)
Examples: Assessments, Coaching Dynamics, Coaching Models, Human Development, Psychology and Brain Science…(items 4, 5)

Business Acumen – (3-yr. requirement = 15 CEU hours)
Examples: Business Leadership, Management, Organizational Development, and Industry Specific Topics (items 1 and 2).

Electives – (3-yr. requirement = 20 CEU hours)
Examples: Certifications within specialties (SSTD, SHRM, ADHD), Programs you design for client training, other conferences and areas of continued learning (items 2, 4, 5).

Growing and Sustaining Your Business – (3-yr. requirement = 10 CEU hours)

Required 3 hours of Ethics and Legal Aspects of Coaching and 2 CEU’s of Digital Marketing. The remaining hours can include: Classic Marketing, Digital Marketing, PR, Sales, Consulting, Professional Services, ACEC’s Peer to Peer Coaching Program, e.g. Accounting, Finance…(items 2, 6)

Pro-Bono – (3-yr. requirement = 15 CEU hours)
Examples: Volunteerism, Mentorship, ACEC Committee participation (item 3).

Program Approval Form to be completed by Credential holder:

Provider Approval Form to be completed by Vendor:

Renewal Application

Please download the application (PDF) and prepare your information prior to starting the online application. Applications will be available in your Members Briefcase under forms:

Renewal Fees

Certification renewals are paid every three years. CEU credit fees are paid annually. If wish to terminate your MCEC you are required to notify us 60-days prior to the annual renewal date in order to change your membership status.

Lapsed Credential Holders

If your MCEC Credential renewal lapses past 61 days from the due date you will need to re-apply for certification at the current requirements and full price structure.

If you lapse between 30 and 60 days or less you will be required to pay a late  reinstatement fee.

Where to Find Training

  • Annual MEECO Conference
  • MCEC CEU Approved Providers:
    • Forms may be submitted by MCEC holders or by the vendor and are listed under forms in your Members Briefcase
  • Individual courses and License training programs with an MCEC Accredited Program (MACTP)