General Information

By submitting an application you agree to the terms and conditions listed below and in our policy section: The award earner is willing and able to discuss their initiative(s) at an event; media interviews.

Organizations that achieve the MEECO award will be showcased in various ways using the media.

The MEECO award is valid for two years, after which the organization can re-apply for the award. To retain the award, organizations agree to provide additional information about their achievement to ACEC, as requested.

The submitted application becomes the property of the MEECO Leadership Institute™, a non-profit organization; and will not be returned.

Awardees are granted the right to use the MEECO logo and to reference the award for as long as they retain the award.

Organizations that achieve the MEECO Award permit the MEECO Institute to use their logo for the sake of announcing their having earned the designation.

Award earners agree to co-market (i,e, tag, ping, etc) this special achievement.

Award earners agree to participate in the research by the MEECO Institute and/or mentor other organizations in maintaining/ applying for their award.

Video Clip/presentation:

A 5-minute video clip/presentation is required, as part of application phase II, with the following data:

a) About your organization

b) Coaching culture

c) What are the accomplishments and how you measured the success

NOTE: A PowerPoint presentation or a recorded interview may be used to replace a Video

New Policy effective Oct. 13, 2016 :

If a designee wishes, during the time frame of their award, to re-apply for the purpose of moving from one level to a higher level, they may do so.

The following requirements will apply:

They will be covered by the current policies and procedures such as:

Term of award

Use of material for research

Use of material for public relations & marketing

Use of logo for marketing

The application donation will be the same as it is for new applicants.

The applicant is required to submit a cover letter detailing what differences have been put in place since the original award was granted and/or how their application has been improved. Award earners agree to fully participate in the MEECO Leadership Institute: Think Tank and Research programs, share information, mentor/consult with organizations wishing to apply for a MEECO Award, and support representatives in attending the ceromony each year that they retain the Award.