Value of the Awards

Award winners gain peer recognition within the MEECO™ community and significant market visibility through the publicity the award generates through press releases and social media marketing. Thought Leader Awards have a long shelf life in that they are considered newsworthy for a lifetime after the announcement and conferring of the award. Adding the award logo to a recipient’s email signatures, company website, and corporate slide decks also provides inexpensive promotion.

The third-party awards strengthen an individual and/or organizational brand and credibility by recognition of their work. Awards often improve morale and can help to retain good employees and attract more like them. Employees who work for companies that publicly acknowledge employees with awards, including third-party awards, are more likely to recommend others because it demonstrates a culture of recognition and success.

The award ceremony at the annual MEECO Leadership Institute™ conference draws leaders within the business, academic, and government communities in addition to master-level executive coaches, which provides powerful networking opportunities. Award winners will be recognized at the conference gala where they will receive a physical award, as well as a digital badge for their social media channels.

Each winner must be present or send a designee, to receive their award and present their accomplishments, at the MEECO Leadership Institute™ Dialogue Conference. Each year the conference theme is related to current or future employee science needs