Criteria: Category 3 – $2 million and under (revenue) and small business

The application process for this category focuses on identifying those organizations who represent best-in-class standards and execution in the use of coaching and/or Culture and Employment Sciences*  to positively impact business results and shareholder and stakeholder value and/or the best in class employee experience.

Trendsetters and Innovators in Culture and Employment Science Design

A new generation is taking the workplace by storm. In the year 2020 Millennials will consist of roughly 50% of the global workforce surpassing all other generations currently in the workplace.

The most forward-thinking companies have already recognized the need to focus more energy on cultivating and transforming their companies’ culture in ways that acknowledge that top talent is looking for more than a job – they are looking for ways to showcase their talent, who they are, what they believe and how they can best add value.

This seismic shift has prompted the most leading-edge companies’ redesign how they create their company culture from the ground up while preserving the essence of their commitment to their employees, shareholders, and business partners.

The MEECO 2 Designation seeks to recognize those forward-leaning companies who have embraced this challenge and represent the leading edge in creating a playbook for how best to implement and elevate the workplace experience while maintaining the company’s potential for innovation and increased ROI.

The MEECO 2 Designation is reserved for companies that have developed an expertise in creating a leading-edge culture, a willingness to share their experiences, ideas, and thought leadership with others, and to be recognized as an industry trendsetter.  To apply for this designation please review the requirements below.

Innovation In Creating A Leading Edge Culture Defined

Companies known for setting trends and being on the leading edge re-designing company culture to meet the needs of a multi-generational workforce look beyond the practicalities of managing their human capital like traditional recruitment and benefits to hire and keep talent – they know that loyalty counts for more than benefits alone.  They recognize and embrace that their employees expect to interact with and influence the workplace and not just be another cog in the wheel and that the key to their success is delivering a work experience that focuses on a complex array of elements that include the: emotional, intellectual, physical, technological and aspirational.

It is an expanded vision that transcends and blurs the line between traditional human capital management functions and other key company functions. This expanded focus ensuring that all employees are given the appropriate support to grow and develop in meaningful ways that contribute to their workplace experience. The culture in these forward acting companies is designed to support ever-increasing levels of creativity, innovation, and a sense of shared community by its members.

By connecting all the dots between the people, the ideas, and the companies goals these businesses drive employee experience and create loyalty that translates into profitability and success.


In assessing how innovative your company is in developing workplace experiences and a leading-edge culture, the MEECO 2 Designation is based on providing compelling evidence of practices that drive innovation and enhance the overall employee experience related to a set of criteria:

  1. The company has a broad vision that enables HR to partner with other functional groups throughout the company to create a memorable workplace experience focused on the employee in the same way that it does for creating that experience for its customers
  2. The HR function within the company taps into and provides support in all facets of how an employee is developed in the workplace – from an emotional, physical, intellectual, technological, and aspiration standpoint
  3. The company uses ongoing research, design thinking and an innovative mindset, and technology to collaborate and share knowledge
  4. Coaching is a key element in the cultural DNA of the company in both informal and formal ways.  Performance feedback system more focused on future goals, suggestions, and aspirations rather than on past performance
  5. Innovation to continually enrich and deepen their employee’s experience is a core company value

Use these criteria as a guide to tell your persuasive and highly unique story.  The italicized questions and statements under each of the criteria are there to be thought starters. Please provide, as much information as you think is necessary to substantiate the coaching excellence that can be found throughout your organization.


– Give us an overview of how your organization changed as a result of this program


– Executive Coaching, – Employment Sciences, – Culture, and – How did you get where you are?


– How do you track progress? – Evidence-based Approaches – How do you learn from past and present experience and disseminate findings


– Sharing best practices with others – Maintaining and improving – How do you plan to continue and grow the program

  1. INCLUSION: 20%

– Who is part of the program? – How do you ensure representation?

Evaluation Committee

A panel of five independent experts will make up the committee will review the applications and determine those that will receive the designation.

The committee members of MEECO are Master Level coaches working at the top of the house in government organizations, academic intuitions, and the private sector.  All have been providing large-scale coaching engagements, teaching coaching, and coaching with demonstrated standards of excellence for more than 10 years.  None have any current working relationship with those whom they are judging.

For each of the criteria,  the member will give a numerical score up to, yet not exceeding, the weight of that criteria. For instance, if a criterion has a weight of 20% a member can give a score up to 20.  The six criteria add up to a maximum of 100 points.

Finally, a member will signify whether or not s/he feels the organization has done enough to achieve the designation with a “yes” or “no” vote.  Members will provide a report to those who do not receive the designation to serve as a guide for how they can utilize coaching as a best-in-class value-add for their organization.

Time Period of Designation

a. The Designation will be bestowed for a two-year period. During the period of the two-year designation, ACEC will continue to work with organizations that have received the designation to ensure coaching is being strengthened and that the designation will be reappointed for the following two years.

b. It is intended that the process of applying, and reapplying, will be a learning experience that helps uncover and make more evident the role coaching plays in achieving meaningful results that benefit your organization and may benefit the discipline of coaching at large.


Each applying organization is assigned a Liaison to coordinate their submission and assist in completing the application.


There is no charge for applying informally—phase one. Upon receiving phase one of the application process MEECO will let your organization know if you meet the criteria for applying formally—phase two.

The suggested application fee is paid upon your submission of the Phase 2 application.

In addition to responding to a two-phase application that queries how you address these criteria, you will also produce a 15-minute video regarding your program, as well as send a senior-level executive to the award ceremony and conference and are invited to be a part of a prestigious panel of Designees to present to attendees.  In 2016, the Mayo Clinic and the Ford Motor Company received a MEECO Designation for their work in coaching. In 2017, MD Anderson Cancer Research, L-3 Technologies, and Rodan+Fields received their Designation. In 2018, Hermes Airports LTD, UCLA Anderson School of Business, and Rice University Doer Leadership Institute.

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*research, methods, and practices that drive employee engagement and business results.