When it was launched in 2001, the Thinkers50 was the first-ever global ranking of management thinkers. It has been published every two years since.

In the intervening decade, the scope of the Thinkers50 has broadened to include a range of activities that support its mission of identifying and sharing the best management thinking in the world.

That mission is based on three core beliefs:

  • Ideas have the power to change the world

  • Management is essential to human affairs

  • New thinking can create a better future.

The Thinkers50 Ranking remains the premier ranking of its kind, and the Thinkers50 Awards (introduced in 2011) have been described (by the Financial Times and others) as the “Oscars of management thinking.” Today, the Thinkers50 brand is admired globally for its objectivity and market intelligence, confirming its position as the leading authority in management ideas.

The core values are:

  • Independence

  • Integrity

  • Accessibility.

The Thinkers50 also has a growing reputation for innovation in the world of ideas. Developing new ways to share the best thinking is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we have launched our 50for initiative as well as developing Thinkers50 iPad Apps, our debate-igniting video blog series, Thinker’s Boot Camps, book publishing and much more.

Thinkers50 Founders

Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove are internationally recognised experts and commentators on management thinking. For a decade and a half they have championed the very best new management ideas through Thinkers50.

The editors of the Financial Times Handbook of Management, Stuart and Des are the authors of a number of best-selling books, including: Generation Entrepreneur (runner-up in the WH Smiths Best Business Book of the Year), Gravy Training, What We Mean When We Talk About Leadership, and the six-book Thinkers50 McGraw Hill book series. Their books are available in more than 20 languages.

Through their work with Thinkers50, they are frequently asked to advise organizations and individuals on how to maximize the impact of their ideas.  Their clients include some of the world’s leading business schools and corporations. Stuart and Des’s work in business thought leadership led Management Today to describe them as “market makers par excellence”.