WEBINARS 2016-17

The following programs are specifically designed for senior level change agents. We invite those who wish to enrich their business contributions to attend. CEU credits are available, check with your institution regarding how to claim them.

Note: These programs will be open to only 20 people to allow for maximum participation




Can Neuroscience Help Optimize Leadership in Organizations

Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Ph.D

Sept. 22, 2016 @ 12:30-2:00 EDT

For decades, leaders and managers have been trained to think and act on upon the assumption that employees are rational beings, fully conscious and in total control of their own attitudes and actions. Motivational, organisational and decision-making approaches have been developed on the premise that people know what is expected of them and that they behave accordingly. Therefore rewards, bonuses, job promotions as well as punishments have been designed to make sure people understand and achieve goals, accept rules and think as the company wants them to. However, there is strong scientific evidence that this approach is not just outdated but dangerous since it does not accept humans as they really are: emotional, instinctual and mainly relational. Management styles need to change and modern leaders have to reconsider their approach if companies are to become more human-centric and reap the benefits. This seminar provides both the evidence for the need to change and directions on how this should happen. Prepare your brain for holistic brain leadership!

  • The seminar aims to help participants:

    • Discover what business is really about today.

    • Discover various aspects of leadership-related brain rules and protocols.

    • Understand the three brains approach and its relation to leadership and coaching.

    • Be able to recognize the impact on motivation, engagement and internal communications.

    • Learn a comprehensive model for applying brain-based leadership.

    • Make your own brain ‘leadership-smarter’ and achieve more!

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Executives with Chronic Illness: Evaluating an Intervention

McGonagle, Ph.D Alyssa K.; Beatty, Ph.D, Joy E., Joffe, Rosalind

Sept 27, 2016 @ 12:00 noon to 1:00pm EDT

Due to improvements in disease management, environmental factors and an aging population,more employees than ever are working while living with some kind of debilitating chronic health condition.

These employees often face an array of challenges that include but aren’t limited to: taking care of their health needs while keeping their jobs, getting the ‘work arounds’ they need to manage symptoms, communicating around their limitations, and planning for long-term career objectives. We developed and tested a coaching intervention designed to help employees effectively manage chronic illnesses in the workplace, and results show that coaching works for this population to improve personal resilience and to reduce burnout. We will share the findings from this study.

In this seminar participants will learn about:

– the unique challenges that employees with chronic illness often face and why common organizational policies too often fail to meet their needs in continuing to work

– the unique challenges in coaching employees living with unpredictable chronic illness.

– the benefits that coaching offers employees who are coping with the stresses of living with a chronic health condition.

a framework for short term coaching that includes key coaching behaviors and the kinds of support and guidance that can make a difference to this population

Our focus is on understanding the issues associated with chronic illness, disability, and aging in the workplace, and supporting employees through coaching. Alyssa and Joy have published a range of academic studies investigating this population, and Rosalind has published a book and numerous articles and brings over 15 years of field experience.


How to Manage Abrasive Leaders

Jordan Goldrich, MCEC;

Friday, October 14, 20161:00 – 2:00pm EDT 2016

Legal Aspects of Coaching During M&A

Miriam Clark, Esq.

Oct 27, 2016 @ 2 pm EDT 2016

CEU Credits Available


Coaching Senior Teams to Avoid Failure on Large Initiatives

Jordan Goldrich, MCEC

Friday, November 18, 2016 1:00 – 2:00pm EDT 2016



Technology: Digital Marketing / Branding

CB Bowman, MBA, MCEC

Feb 23, 2016 @1:30-3:00pm EDT 2016

MCEC & ICF Credits Available

Legal Contracts – U.S. / U.K. / Canada – Miriam Clark, Esq. – 2017

Course Fees: 2017

 Note: These programs will be open to only 20 people to allow for maximum participation


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