Justify Your Trip

Who Should Attend:

  • A Human Resource Professional including:
    • Learning and Development,
    • Talent Development,
    • Leadership Development
  • Senior executives interested in developing talents for long term growth
  • Business owners
  • Aspiring and seasoned coaches

Do you need to get approval from your company to attend the MEECO Leadership Institute™ Conference and Designation Ceremony ?   We’re here to help! 

We get it. Many companies have significantly curtailed employee travel, which means you need to present a strong case to justify the expense. We have a few suggestions to support your cause.

If you believe a written “case for attending” will be beneficial, we’ve drafted a letter that you can personalize and send to your manager. Think how much your stock will rise when you demonstrate you’ve put a great deal of thought into why investing in your trip will benefit not just you—but the entire company.



Download PDF version here: dear-manager

Dear <Insert Manager’s Name>,

I’d like your approval to attend the MEECO Leadership Institute™ Conference and Designation Ceremony, a premier event hosted by the MEECO Leadership Institute™, the research and think tank arm for the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches. It is taking place<insert location>.

Attending this conference will give me a chance to connect with 70 master level corporate executive coaches and fortune 1000 corporate representatives in the employee experience sector in consumer products, heath care, education, nonprofit and technology professionals. Plus, I’ll gain unique perspectives about how to become a stronger leader and facilitator in this space  from business experts and thought leaders.

The three days of the conference are dedicated to keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking. With speakers citing specific examples of coaching and workplace culture success, I know I’ll be able to apply what I learn to make sure we get the most out of our own organizational plans when it comes to creating a thriving workplace.

The conference is limited to 70 selected professionals, providing a more intimate setting to both learn and network with speakers and workshop presenters. This ensures I come back with lots of practical ideas about how we can be more efficient and effective using best in class coaching techniques and current methodologies; I’ll be able to share key takeaways, including those we can implement immediately.

I’ve broken down the approximate cost of my attendance on <insert days> below.




$xxx per night (discounted rate)


$xxx (see rate types)



Thank you for your consideration of this request. MEECO offers time-sensitive registration discounts—for early birds and groups—so I look forward to receiving a timely response.


<Insert Your Name>,