MEECO Designation

The purpose of the MEECO (Measuring Employee Experience, Executive Coaching and Culture in Organizations”) Designation is to recognize organizations of all types who clearly demonstrate their belief in the importance of employee engagement for the development and retention of top talent—It recognizes organizations that represent best-in-class standards and execution of these programs.

We are looking for forward-looking organizations that desire to examine their own practices around talent and are looking to keep learning and improving.


In our inaugural year two great organizations applied for and received the MEECO Designation —  the Mayo Clinic and the Ford Motor Company.  They accepted the MEECO at a gala.  


MD Anderson Cancer Research Center/ University of Texas

Rhodan and Fields

L3 Technologies

Now in our third year we are looking for the organizations that will join these six in their journey to continuously enhance their employee experience.

This is a unique designation developed by the MEECO Institute to acknowledge excellence in the employee experience, executive coaching and culture in organizations who utilize these key areas as a key part of their talent management strategy.

The process looks at both traditional, and formal forms of coaching and the newer trends where the talent strategy is co-created with employees and uses such vehicles as crowd-sourcing to spread the knowledge and skills everyone needs to be successful today and into the future.

Through the MEECO application process, our aim is to support organizations that understand the relationship between coaching, culture, employee engagement and their business success, and who want to learn and share best practices.

To be clear, the MEECO designation is not an award; but rather a designation.

Attaining the MEECO Designation signifies to your employees, potential employees, shareholders/stakeholders, and the public that you know the critical importance of investing in developing your employees, sustaining best-in-class practices, and to reap the rewards of those practices on your bottom line now and in the future.

Receiving the Designation comes with some obvious benefits.  Yet, the most important benefit is in the application process itself.  Taking a disciplined look at how your program plays a role in the success of your organization, is worthwhile in itself.