MEECO Leadership Institute™ looks to provide data, as a think tank, and research center, as well as through various resources, to create a bridge between today’s need and tomorrow’s goals.

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We are a 501C3 education not-for-profit think tank, research and information/ resource sharing institute for corporations, institutions, and government agencies interested in improving the employee experience which will improve the structures bottom lie. 

We partner with various universities world-wide and organizations to conduct leading edge research in the areas of workforce coaching and the management of talent

The purpose of MEECO (Measuring Employee Experience, Executive Coaching, and Culture in Organizations) is to examine the relevance of tools for developing a culture of positive engagement to produce ultimate shareholder and stockholder results. For example is there a coaching environment as opposed to hiring a coach? In order to do this we must understand the big picture drivers of business success from the side of people who are the catalysis for success.

We must start to continually look at coaching and other tools as a body of discovery verses a stagnant model. These tools need to develop increased elasticity to be current with new business influencers that are leading to financial success for business. We must seek to understand and utilize the drivers, which are motivating/ triggering financial success. We cannot afford to look at each tool in isolation of current and future business modalities.

For example, if disruptive behavior is a magnet for success we must look at understanding the components of its success before we can coach for behaviors of leadership. If we consider leadership as leading…we must better understand the influencers of leading and not assume that it is intrinsically the same as over time.

We have seen great movement in the technology age yet the growing area of coaching has not participated to the fullest extent. There are still coaches who fear computers, there are still coaches who hand write a RFPs, there are still coaches who track a clients success using hand notes…how is this possible when there are algorithms out there that tell us if we are brushing our teeth correctly, that can measure and track emotion, or tell us when to walk. It is possible because we are letting our field become a growing sleeping giant; we are resting on our laurels.

The purpose of MEECO is related to that of ACEC (Association of Corporate Executive Coaches)…examining and supporting the business side of coaching. For MEECO that means first examining and providing information regarding trends that have lead to current success in business and trends that will be leading to success in the future. This is followed by how the tools for employee engagement and leadership will need to evolve to support that success. To understand how businesses are succeeding we need to understand if our current tools will be useful in the future for example, will leadership coaching even exist in 10 years!

We must engage more resources in understanding how to keep our tools relevant and/or develop new tools for the future. Therefore, we cannot afford to only look at existing assessments, psychological data, medical influences, that are currently available. We must engage futurist, technology, big data, trends, disruptive activities, and transformation triggers. We must first examine these elements without the filtered lens of coaching, and other existing tools and methodologies and then armed with information we must seek to understand how and where they can contribute to support/ contribute to business success.

The MEECO Leadership Institute™ is posed to examine the influencers of success by inviting these and future triggers to increase the relationship between development, engagement and leadership tools and business success. There is no doubt that the use of these tools are growing exponentially among business leaders the question is can we as coaches, and consultants keep current with need?

In order to do this we need your support as fellows, we need your donations!