About Us

MEECO (Measuring Excellence in Executive Coaching, Employee Enhancement, and Culture in Organizations™)*

The MEECO Leadership Institute™ was formed in August 2016 as a 501C3 non-profit in the area of education. The MEECO Leadership Institute™ is on schedule to be an inclusive community of organizations connected across the globe around our shared interests and our deep dedication to using a futurist mindset to tackle the world’s biggest challenges related to the management of talent.

Our fellowship is made up of organizations with a wide diversity of purpose, including industry, government, academia and science.

Our community is built upon the strength of collective action to help generate actionable results around ideas to shape the future of employment science.

Our goal is to harness the spirit of discovery, the power of imagination, and the energy of collective action to create a brighter future to focus—on measuring the use of executive coaching, employee enhancement, and corporate culture in organizations “The bridge between today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals©.”