• All programs are approved by ACEC to offer CEU credits outside of ACEC/ MEECO for a period of one year as a stipend for providing this webinar to ACEC/ MEECO members free of charge; as long as they retain the same content. The logo present below must be used when using this stipend.

  • All programs may be approved by by the speaker through ICF to offer CEU credits: http://coachfederation.org/program/landing.cfm?ItemNumber=2149&navItemNumber=3355


      • Please select a specific date and time of your program.

      • We would like to keep the program length to 1 to 1.5 hours and we found mid-day EDT works best. This considers the various time zones in which our members are located

      • Feel free to offer a 2-part program, offered on different days.


      • Our programs are open to all everyone, we have observed that when CCE/CEU credits from other organizations are offered you are more likely to increase attendance.


      • Programs offered may use our Go-to-meeting platform.

      • We estimate that we will have no more than 20 attendees per program.


      • Once you are invited to present you are automatically granted the right to use the “Approved for MCEC” Certification on your program/ website/ advertising for the year it is offered in ACEC. Extensions may be offered with approval. See below for the logo to use.

      • We estimate this value to be worth $200.00 per year.

      • Once you are invited to present to ACEC you are automatically granted the right to attend our other webinars for the year in which you present.

      • We estimate this value to be worth $250.00 per year.


      • Presentation must use MEECO/ACEC pre-formatted templates

      • Material is due 3 weeks before your presentation date to CB Bowman cb@acec-website.org and Carla Hansson c.p.hansson@gmail.com

      • To submit your course for approval, send an outline of your webinar to cb@acc-website.org along with the date/time you are requesting.

      • Send promotional material including:

        • course name,

        • 4 to 6 key take-always for attendees,

        • 1 to 2 paragraphs of content,

        • any books/articles/presentations you are promoting,

        • contact information,

        • your company information and

        • each persons bio inc academic experience (max 2 paragraphs – 250 words.)

        • Submit speakers photos (head shots).


  • We will partner with you in marketing your program to our growing list of coaches through LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Pulse, Facebook, Direct Mail, Twitter, Eventbrite, THF, Executive Coaches and SlideShare AT NO COST TO YOU!

  • We ask that you:

    • Released the announcement to your LinkedIn Groups (we will send you a PFD)

    • Place a PDF  invitation on your Facebook Time-line

    • Link the PDF to your Twitter page

    • Like the announcement on our Twitter Page and followed us

    • Like us and commented on our Facebook page

    • Comment on LinkedIn Pulse

    • Send out an announcement to your professional network

    • Announced it at your alumni/ university connections