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Category 1 Revenue 5 Billion and Over

Category 2: 5 Billion To 20 Million In Revenue

Category 3: 20 Million And Under In Revenue and small business

Category 4: Academic Institutions & Government Agencies


Application Phase 1:


Application Phase 2:

Administrative Fees are based on your category and are posted on the Phase 2 application


A Video or PowerPoint is produced by the applicate to explain/showcase why they received the designation. The documents will join our research library of expert data for the Stakeholders Circle. We do not charge a fee

Stakeholders Circle:

As a Phase 2 applicant you will automatically become a member of the Stakeholders Circle which meets twice a year; at the annual conference and via an online conference: There is no fee for this exclusive membership

Acceptance Ceremony:

Your application fee covers the cost of one ticket to the ceremony

Annual Conference:

It is our hope that you will encourage your colleagues to support your important work and for ongoing learning and knowledge sharing in the field by accepting your invitation to attend the conference. We encourage your firm to purchase a company table.