1. Quietly executive coaches in the “know” are talking about our certification…comparing it, reviewing it, thinking about it, suggesting it, and applying for it, as an alternative to OTHERS.

2. This discourse is a confirmation that the MCEC certification represents the FUTURE wave of measuring and validating accomplishments (notice I did not say skills!!) in our field.

3. This year we will be MOVING the MCEC Certification from under ACEC’s umbrella to reside under the MEECO Institute™ umbrella.

4. The MEECO Institute is becoming know for its work in identifying organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies who represent BEST IN CLASS USE of Executive Coaching, Employee Engagement, and Corporate Culture.

5. In 2016 we launched the MEECO Designation™. Six organizations applied. Out of the six the MAYO CLINIC AND the FORD MOTOR COMPANY received a designation after going through a rigorous process.

6. In 2017 the Conference Board began to RECOMMEND to organizations that they apply for a designation! In May, the 2017 designees will be announced.

The MCEC Certification REPRESENTS BEST IN CLASS ACCOMPLISHMENTS for mastery in the field of Executive Coaching. Thus, it is strategically correct and logical that our MCEC Certification reside under the umbrella of the MEECO Institute™.

Of course this will also mean that the standards to achieve the certification will increase:)! *

*i.e., Effective immediately new ACEC/MEECO “Thought Leaders of Distinction” awardees will no longer be automatically granted the status of MCEC.

PS Join me in thanking members Susan Gilell-Stuy for being fully present and recommending this strategic change and to Lynn Harrison for inspiring me to release this announcement:)!

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