CEO and Senior Executive Compensation in Private Companies 2019-2020

About the Research

Chief Executive Research surveyed 1,668 companies in April thru June of 2019
about their 2018 fiscal year compensation levels and practices, as well as their expected
compensation levels for the remainder of 2019. We’ve received detailed data about
compensation packages for CEOs and nine other senior executive positions, as well as
comprehensive information about each company’s executive compensation policies and
practices. The substantial response provided meaningful data for companies across
revenue ranges, industries, regions, ownership types and levels of profitability.

Detailed data from this survey is analyzed and presented in our acclaimed 2019-2020
CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies, for which we are happy to provide you, as a survey respondent, this executive summary. While most data sources on CEO compensation focus on large public companies, our research brings real-world insight into the compensation of CEOs of the approximately 6 million private companies in the U.S., not just the S&P 500.

Click HERE to view the Executive Summary report as a PDF file.

The Executive Summary applies a number of helpful visual components, such as graphs and statistical tables of data, provided by Chief Executive Research.

The Executive Summary states, “We invite you to consult the full report for complete compensation data broken down by company demographics and performance.”

For More Information

More detailed information (including quartiles) on base salaries, bonuses, equity
grants and gains, benefits, perks and company compensation policies and practices, as well as how these elements vary by company size, industry, ownership type, geographic region and other key variables, is available in the full report at

As a survey participant, you are entitled to a $1,500 discount off the $2,995 price (a
50% discount) of the upcoming 2020-21 report. To pre-order the report and begin
receiving preliminary updates on how the COVID-19 situation is impacting senior executive
compensation at peer private companies, please contact Chief Executive’s Research
Director, Melanie Nolen, at

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